Hallerbos is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Belgium – an enchanting forest of over 552 hectares composed mainly of beeches, oaks, and maples. The forest gets its nickname from a phenomenon that occurs in the Spring when the forest is suddenly covered with an extraordinary blue carpet that is created by the simultaneous blossoming of an infinity of hyacinths and bluebells.

In the early spring, the forest canopy is covered with leaves, and sunlight pours through the branches and turns the pale blue of the flowers into a vivid blue-purple. The bluebell carpet spreads as far as the eye can see, circling around the slender trees, running into the valleys, and massing around the creeks.

The Forest of Hallerbos, or the Blue Forest, with its incredible undergrowth carpeted with wild hyacinths, of the non-script Hyacinthoides species, offers a truly fairytale spectacle, a concert of colors that lasts only a few weeks, from the second half of April until end of May. This phenomenon is not uncommon in Europe, similar forests can also be seen in France, Ireland, and Great Britain, but the density and beauty of the flowers in this place are certainly unique.

Every year hundreds of tourists and nature lovers immerse themselves in the forest to admire the breathtaking scenery of the seasonal blue blossoms. The forest is full of evocative paths, scattered with small picnic areas, and can be navigated by bicycle or even on horseback. Aside from the blue blossoms, there are an infinite number of animals to admire which include roe deer, foxes, squirrels, wild hares, and over 100 different species of birds.

Hallerbos is a protected area in order to safeguard the magic of the forest. Visitors are asked to observe simple rules: they are not allowed to pick the flowers and it is strictly forbidden to venture outside the established paths.

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