Heaven Lake is a crater lake on the border between China and North Korea. It lies within a caldera atop the volcanic Paektu Mountain, a part of the Baekdudaegan and Changbai mountain ranges. It is located partly in Ryanggang Province, North Korea, and partly in Jilin Province, northeastern China.

The lake has a surface elevation of 2,189.1 m. The lake covers an area of 9.82 km2 with a south–north length of 4.85 km and an east–west length of 3.35 km. The average depth of the lake is 213 m and the maximum depth of 384 m. From mid-October to mid-June, it is typically covered with ice.

The Changbai range represents the mythical birthplace of Bukūri Yongšon, the ancestor of Nurhaci and the Aisin Gioro imperial family, who were the founders of the Qing dynasty of China. The Chinese name literally means “Perpetually-White Mountain Region”.

North Korea claims that Kim Jong-il was born near the lake on the mountain. In accordance with this, North Korean news agencies reported that on his death, the ice on the lake cracked “so loud, it seemed to shake the heavens and the Earth”. Heaven Lake is also alleged to be home to the Lake Tianchi Monster.

The lake is very peaceful and magical and tourists can go for strolls on the mountain paths and the more athletic can hike or ride a horse up to the glacier plains where the scenery is simply stunning.

From mid-October to mid-June, it is typically covered with ice. Even in the summer, the temperature is at 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, the oxygen concentration in the water is assessed by experts as low, the soil is arid, the vegetation is sparse, and so there are no aquatic animals in the lake. The space around the lake is harmoniously embellished between the vast mountains and forests, and the green botanical and conifer groves.

Heaven Lake Lake is known as the emerald of Changbai mountain range because of its beautiful turquoise watercolor. Surrounding the lake are dark green spruce trees mixed with snowy mountains silhouetted on the lake’s surface, creating a magical shimmering beauty. The most beautiful season here is summer because this time is not too cold, the ice melts, the trees are lush and green, and the flowers are blooming, making the painting even more beautiful. Therefore, many tourists flock to visit the magnificent scenery of the most beautiful lake in the far borderland.

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