Calanches de Piana (also called Calanques) is one of the most beautiful areas of Corsica. This natural phenomenon consists of steep rock formations that form whimsical sculptures. The jagged granite formations about 400 meters above sea level lie close to the coast, they seem to glow red in the sun created by natural erosion against a blue background of the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of their particular form, some rock formations were renamed, just for example, Dog’s head, Skull, and Heart. Such a panorama isn’t easy to be forgotten: the shapes of the Calanques are really realistic.

Beautiful to see and it makes this area the perfect place for walking and hiking in Corsica. The most popular is the trail called the Chateau Fort that starts next to the rock called the Tete de Chien: like many rocks that are given animal names this one really does look exactly like the head of a dog, is signposted and is on a bend in the road soon after you enter the calanques so is easy to find. From here a path leads through the rocks and forest before reaching a stunning viewpoint across the cliffs and sea, and a large rock in the shape of a castle (hence the name).

Because they are so attractive, and are now a UNESCO World heritage Site, the Calanches are also very popular and the road can become very busy during the summer months. However, the road is fairly wide and there are a good number of passing places.

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