The Tunnel of Love is a section of an industrial railway located near Klevan, Ukraine, that links it with Orzhiv. It is a railway surrounded by green arches and is 4 kilometers in length. It is known for being a favorite place for couples to take walks since trains pass thrice a day.

The railway was built during the Cold War for military purposes. Trying to hide it, the track was “camouflaged” by trees. Later the train track was used to deliver wood to the woodwork factory. In fact, trains still run there.

Today the Tunnel of Love is a Ukrainian hotspot for lovers. Local legend says that if you and your beloved come to the Tunnel of Love and sincerely make a wish, it will come true.

The place is very popular among photographers too. Couples photoshoots are especially popular, but the tunnel is also a great spot for thematic shootings.

The place is gorgeous at any time of the year. Summer and spring offer fifty shades of green. In the autumn you can immerse yourself in palettes of yellow, orange, red, and brown. And if you want to feel like Elsa from Frozen – visit during the wintertime.

There are many interesting legends about the tunnel. According to one of them, this green corridor existed for several centuries, and once became a refuge for a couple of young people in love – fugitives from Klevan Castle. Another version is even more interesting, telling about a young Polish engineer who fell in love with a girl from Klevan and built a railway directly across the forest to shorten the road from Orzhev, where he lived, to his beloved woman. Eventually, they went different ways, and locals say that these people carried love throughout their lives. An incredible story!

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