Passport to Success launches under the initial name “Healthy Futures,” with funding from the GE Foundation. It includes 40 lessons in 3 units: personal competencies, problem-solving and conflict management, and effective work habits. Up to 2018, PTS reaches over 50 countries in 20 languages.

Life skills training is a standard part of many youth employment programs as life skills are considered essential to the modern working environment and are expected to help young people find more jobs. IYP’s Passport to Success program has a long history of outstanding achievements and has accumulated many valuable lessons and experiences to enhance the value and importance of life skills for young people.

For nearly 30 years, the International Youth Foundation, creator of PTS, has taken a holistic approach to youth development. This means equipping young people to meet their full potential as individuals with aspirations and as family members, heads of households, students, earners, employees, taxpayers, leaders, and citizens.

Just as a parent wants a daughter or son to be reliable, an employer needs to be able to count on a young newcomer to show up on time and deliver. Just as a teacher or instructor wants to see students learn, progress, and graduate, companies want to retain and promote employees. Likewise, governments want gainfully employed young people to find the stability they seek. One set of skills—life skills—enables all of this growth.

Passport to Success meets the needs of diverse stakeholders across a wide-ranging ecosystem, including:

  • Employers: Tailored to your needs and internationally proven, PTS can help you address the challenges your business faces in hiring and maintaining a reliable, driven workforce.
  • Educators: Helps educational institutions, trainers, and teachers to equip students to succeed with sought-after technical and life skills.
  • Government Agencies: Globally relevant, locally tailored solutions to support young people everywhere. To date, five national systems have selected PTS as their official life skills curriculum and methodology.
  • Nonprofits: As a nonprofit, we share your commitment to seeing lasting positive change in the young men and women you serve.
  • Young People: Young people have unlimited potential. PTS helps them discover, unlock, and develop it in ways that will transform lives and communities.

IYF’s Passport to Success Concierge is awarded the Brandon Hall Group GOLD Medal for Excellence in Learning. This latest PTS innovation provides a window into the world of hospitality and tourism jobs and includes common career paths.

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