Step Up is designed for young people with disabilities, ages 14 to 24, who are looking to enhance their ability to live independently and make the most of life. This is a program which belongs to Novita, a disability service organisation supporting kids, young people and adults.

In the program, the youth will learn independent living skills that help them integrate into the world around them. Specifically, they will develop a core set of life skills including how to open and manage a bank account, safely take public transport, maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as give personal presentations and many other topics to help them become more independent.

Step Up is performed by trained disability professionals, mentors and community leaders who are experts in their fields. These partnerships will give learners the opportunity to begin developing meaningful relationships and the chance to network with individuals, organizations, and community groups that they can contact after completing their studies. into the program – including financial planners, gyms, nutritionists and topic mentors.

Step Up is a 48-week (11-month) program where students focus on developing a new life skill each month. The program also offers an individual needs assessment to identify students’ strengths and challenges to ensure they can get the most out of the program.

Learners have the opportunity to meet two days a week, with the same group of participants of their own age, for the duration of the program – this will give them the opportunity to develop new and meaningful friendships throughout the year.

Step Up’s holistic approach to learning life skills will give the youth the opportunity to listen to speakers, participate in interactive workshops and take part in exciting field trips – all tailored to support each person’s individual goals.

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