Often times young adults require assessment and coaching in order to develop and hone the necessary life skills necessary for long-term independence and success. At The Crossroads uses the Casey Life Skills model as a guide to develop individualized life skills training programs for the clients.

Working through the life skills component of this program in turn helps the young adults to gain confidence and traction in working towards their life goals. Once a young adult develops a fully healthy set of life skills, independence is that much more attainable.

Based off of information from the Casey Life Skills assessment and clinical observation, young adults are evaluated on their proficiency with the following life skills listed below:

1.    Financial Management

2.    Goal Setting

3.    Employment

4.    Home Management

5.    First Aid/CPR

6.    Resume Building

7.    Money Management

8.    Relationships

9.    Cleaning

10. Time Management

11. Transportation

12. Healthy Communication

13. Education

14. Food Management

15. Automotive Maintenance

16. Meal Planning

17. Housing

18. Recreation-Fitness

19. Laundry

20. Self Care-Health

Therapists work with colleagues to establish specific life skills with goals and objectives that become part of each student’s master treatment plan and are a focus of work between student’s and colleagues throughout the week.

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