Established in 2015, the Adult Life Skills Program (ALSP) provides support to individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities, age 21 or older. The comprehensive approach of the program utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to guide adult learners through successful, active participation in their homes, communities and vocational settings.

In cooperation with the team, which includes the learner, their family and supports coordinator, an individualized schedule and program is created. Areas of focus include vocational programming toward obtaining and maintaining competitively paid employment in addition to gaining self-care and independent living skills to further maximizing the potential of the learners.

Efforts are made across the program to provide opportunities for socialization with peers. Trips to the park, lunches at local restaurants and bowling together rank highly among some of the program’s favorite activities.

Learners access the community as often as appropriate. Many participate in weekly grocery shopping, regular gym workouts and utilize resources like their local libraries. Additionally, volunteer opportunities are aligned with areas of interest and allow many of the learners to feel proud about their role in their communities.

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