In this course, you’ll build the foundations of humor at work. You’ll explore the neuroscience of laughter and why it’s a superpower that increases bonds, creativity, and resilience on the working teams. You’ll come to understand your unique humor style, including what makes you laugh, how you make others laugh, and how to activate your sense of humor with colleagues. Finally, you’ll mine seemingly mundane moments with your team for humor, apply simple comedic techniques from the pros, and shift your mindset towards being on the precipice of a smile.

This is Course 1 of 3 in the Remotely Humorous Program taught by Naomi Bagdonas and Connor Diemand-Yauman are leading experts who have taught at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. They’ve teamed up with comedic minds from The Onion, Funny Or Die, and many more impressive comedy mainstays to create a fun, interactive learning experience, focused on cultivating humor and levity in working teams and empowering you to show up at work more authentically, effectively, and joyfully.

Remotely Humorous — an online program offered on edX, the nonprofit education site founded by Harvard and MIT — aims to help leaders create an effective and rewarding company culture, even if everyone’s currently working remote. According to Naomi Bagdonas and Connor Diemand-Yauman (and some research), humor can help leaders can create more bonded, creative, and effective teams, which in turn can make them seem like more authentic, competent, and trustworthy managers to their employees.

  • Understand the impact of remote work on your team culture.
  • Learn the neuroscience of laughter and the psychology of humor.
  • Activate your unique humor style at work and in life.
  • Practice using comedy techniques to hone your humorous ideas.
  • Unlock the power of humor on your team.


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