During the course, you will learn a variety of cooking methods and techniques with expert guidance from the International Culinary Studio. Under the guidance of leading educators in the culinary arts, you’ll discover how to confidently prepare different foods with ease. You’ll be guided through the creative side of cooking, learning to combine tastes and flavours within dishes. The practical side of food preparation will also be explored, from creating shopping lists to costing a recipe. Using these skills, you’ll be able to manage food budgets, source ingredients, and create menus from scratch.

In addition, the course will help you explore the fundamentals of food safety and hygiene. When cooking, it’s important to maintain high levels of safety and hygiene at all times. You’ll examine how to dress appropriately for working in kitchens, hygiene basics, and the fundamentals of knife safety. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to prepare and serve food in a safe and hygienic environment and protect yourself from preventable accidents whilst cooking.

You can showcase your culinary skills by preparing eight easy recipes. On this course, you’ll try your hand at a variety of sweet and savoury recipes that demonstrate a range of different techniques within an experienced cook’s repertoire.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to confidently prepare tasty meals to enjoy time and again. You’ll also have a foundational knowledge of the safety and hygiene procedures required to ensure professional standards of food preparation with every dish.


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