This developmental psychology course invites learners to go on a journey into the emotional, social and cognitive world of children. You will learn about the connection between relationships with significant people during early childhood and the developmental processes. You will discover how relationships during infancy continue to shape your personalities and affect your intimate relationships, your parenting styles and even your work style as adults.


Developmental psychology is a core academic course in the first and second years of many different fields of study. It is recognized as professional development by the Ministry of Education and is recommended to the public. The course is relevant and important for any psychotherapist or anyone who cares for children. The course is relevant for anyone interested in child development and the meaningful relationships that shape personalities from early childhood and throughout adulthood. The course is also relevant and important for any psychotherapist.

During the course, students will explore the following aspects:

  • Prenatal development and the influence of risk factors during pregnancy.
  • The effect of genetic versus environmental factors on human development.
  • Attachment patterns during infancy, and their influence on adult life.
  • Emotional regulation and containment in early childhood.
  • The development of the self and gender roles.
  • Emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development in early childhood.
  • What a developmental approach to psychology is?
  • The development processes that characterize children at different ages.
  • Classic and modern developmental theories.


The course is academic and should be recognized by most institutions as a basic course in developmental psychology. After completing the course, learners can receive an academic certificate from Gordon College, an Israeli institution of higher education of good reputation with over 60 years of experience in training educators and caregivers of children and youth.


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