The course “Escape Perfectionism” prepares you to change what you need to change. To swap the agony of over-reach for the joy of grasping success. The course combines video mini-lectures with activities to improve your own circumstances. Along with the video coaching, you will invest some time to think and plan.

Perfectionism is a painful way to live. It is a cage that takes away freedom; it is a load of bricks on the back that reduces performance. A perfectionist is critical of everyone. Nothing is ever good enough, especially one’s own performance. When perfectionists win, to them it feels like a loss anyway. “I could have done better,” they tell themselves.

It is a painful way to live—or to live close to—but it does not have to be that way. Dr. Rich Walters, experienced therapist and author of The Perfectionism Trap and How to Escape, explains clearly how you can exchange the burden of perfectionism for the joys of excellence.

This course will help you to give up perfectionism and start living a happy life. You will learn to overcome procrastination and keep moving toward your goals. This course will also give you some tools to overcome the fear of failure, anxiety and negativity. You will learn how to make good decisions and be more flexible.


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