This course will help you to clarify your purpose in life and pursue that purpose with singleness of heart for the rest of your life. You will identify your natural talents and gifts and align them alongside your purpose in life. You will also learn how to break down your purpose in life into major achievable milestones. Setting and achieving goals, medium- and short-term goals, is a critical element of this course.

If you’re employed in a corporate organization and fail to identify your purpose in life, you’ll end up with different resumes that are structured to fit any job opportunity that comes your way. Resultantly, you’ll end up doing a job you don’t like just to make ends meet. If you consistently do what you hate, you’ll eventually hate yourself. Your career life will only be fulfilling if you’re purpose driven.

If you’re in business and fail to identify your purpose in life, you’ll spend your entire life chasing money. In your pursuit of deals, you’ll end up changing from one type of business to another. Eventually you’ll fail and be frustrated. The only way to sustain energy in your business pursuits is to be purpose-driven. You cannot be consistent in the face of challenges unless you’re pulled by a higher ideal – purpose.

Whether you pursue business or career-line, this course will help you lead a purposeful life. Only then will life have meaning and fulfillment. Purpose-driven people enjoy the journey and fight through any challenges that emerge along the way. In this course:

1) You align your work with your purpose.  

2) You get fulfilled for doing what you love.

3) You get deployed in your work.

4) You utilize your talents and gifts in your work.  

5) You get focused.

6) You work without internal conflict.

7) Your services are easily noticed and hired.

This course is for every professional, entrepreneur, mentor and life coach. For beginners, this course will help them to be purpose-driven in the market place right from the outset. Since everybody is always growing irrespective of what stage they are in their career, this course will help seasoned professionals to focus on the legacy they’ll leave behind. Others will take stock of their lives and align their vocations along their purpose in life as they transit from employment into business or private practice. For business minded people, this course will help them to avoid being all over, and identify and focus on what they can do best.


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