Life Skills Group was founded by Nikki Bonus in 2001 in Sydney, Australia to address the urgent need for learning social and emotional intelligence in schools and communities. It has grown to be an international collective of over 80 team members. The institution partners with education sectors across states and districts to educate and empower students, teachers, families and to act as a voice for the voiceless.


There is now global recognition that skills of social, emotional, physical and wellbeing learning are of critical importance in education and that these skills will be the key to empowering the community’s future generation of leaders.

Life Skills Group is unique among service providers as its programs draw upon the Health and Physical Education curriculum, social emotional learning frameworks, whole-school wellbeing strategies, mindfulness science and positive psychology in combination with effective pedagogical practices. The programs consistently achieve high levels of impact and thousands of students who have completed the programs are better equipped to build a “flourishing world”.

“Life Skills Group advocates for young people who need to develop creative, critical thinking and collaborative skills and build vital attributes such as curiosity, courage and resilience.”

– Kevin, Beauty Point Public School

Life Skills Group is an international team of subject matter experts, curriculum advisors, professional learning consultants, wellbeing officers, psychologists, teachers, researchers and instructional designers who partner with school teams, families and community groups to empower emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

The teachers who deliver their in-school programs are highly skilled instructional leaders. They share their expertise with classroom teachers bringing curriculum content to life in an engaging way for students and in an informative and exemplary way for teachers. The teachers model a flexible repertoire of strategies effective in developing the social, emotional, intellectual and physical learning of students across all ability levels.

The organization offers four core curriculums: Life Skill Go, a teacher program, a student program, and a family program. In particular, the most prominent is the program for students, which is specially developed for students in each level from preschool, elementary to middle school.

The benefits of students participating in the school’s life skills program include:

  • Improve concentration, communication, listening, resilience, self-confidence and self-regulation skills.
  • Improve students’ balance, spatial awareness and motor skills.
  • Aligns with the PD (Personal Development)/HPE (Physical Health Education) curriculum.
  • Family members are welcome to join their child to learn more about his or her abilities and learn skills to successfully educate their child.

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