The calm blue Danube River flows through the city, and the verdant Vienna forest embraces Vienna, making it an ideal place to inspire artistic creators. The ancient and modern features of the castles and palaces of the Hornburg era are located right next to the luxurious restaurants and cafes, creating a unique feature for this city.

Vienna is not only famous for its music but also for many beautiful sights, visitors coming here are captivated by the romantic atmosphere when watching the morning mist on the beautiful Danube River, or getting lost in architectural palaces as dangerous as a fairy tale.

Vienna has about 300 drama theaters and concert halls scattered throughout the streets. The most famous is the Vienna State Opera, known as “The Drama Center of the World”. Vienna is also known as the “city of architecture” with magnificent buildings, castles, and unique architectural works such as Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Imperial Palace, St. Stephen, etc. The above famous attractions are engraved with historical imprints over many periods.

Besides the ancient architecture, Vienna is also famous for modern architecture such as the 252m high Danube Tower, with an elevator going to the cafe located at the top of the tower. In Vienna, coffee and cakes are very popular. Indigenous people often call public lounges rather than cafes as in other parts of the world.

Visitors who come here just need to buy a cup of coffee and can spend hours chatting with friends, and relatives or reading newspapers, and eating famous cakes here.

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