Nestled among the viticultural foothills of the Vosges Mountains, Alsace region, northeastern France, Colmar is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns.

Colmar town features half-timbered houses mixed with modern architecture with colorful walls; Some ancient wooden buildings are still intact after hundreds of years. All are neatly located on cobblestone streets leading to the main canal. People often keep the streets tidy and decorate their houses like a work of art, with flower baskets, lamps, and old bicycles.

The La Lauch is one of the most beautiful places in Colmar. The name “la Petite Venise” is given to this canal, when small houses spring up on both sides. The charm of the city attracts lovers, and the romantic setting of the canals makes it the perfect place for sweet proposals.

Colmar is also the hometown of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904), the father of the Statue of Liberty in America. In this town, there is a street named after him. In addition, the people and local authorities have set up a small museum displaying pictures of his life and the things he often used.

In addition to the poetic beauty of the architecture, Colmar is also known as the most famous wine-growing region in France. The weather is always sunny, and dry; Therefore, the winemaking process becomes more convenient, giving you great bottles of wine. Every year, people in Colmar organize wine-related festivals. During this festival, people will come together to share and taste new wines.

This ancient village was one of the inspirations for the animated scenes of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

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