La Paz is an amazing city of contrasts situated in the mountains of South America, at an altitude of 3600 m. Moreover, it is located in the valley of an ancient river flowing along the bowl-shaped crater of a long-extinct volcano. Nowadays, it plays the role of the capital of Bolivia, even though Sucre is the real capital of this country.

The life of La Paz is associated with the word “most.” It is the highest mountain capital with the steepest streets in the world. It impresses people not only with the eternal uplift or lack of oxygen but also with the unimaginable traditions of the local people.

The spectacular setting of La Paz is probably its most precious asset. This city plonked amidst an inspiring landscape. This is one of those ‘breathtaking’ travel destinations that really takes the adjective to heart. Sitting at an eye-popping altitude of over 4,000m, the undisputed city is precariously perched atop and all along the vertiginous sides of a river-carved plateau on the edge of the astounding Bolivian Altiplano. The altitude means your lungs will scream for oxygen at every step, and stopping for a headache-relieving cup of coca tea becomes an hourly habit.

The quirky administrative capital of Bolivia, La Paz is a chaotic city happily stuck in an unimaginable time-warp. Unimaginable, because as the rest of the continent takes colossal bounds forward in search of modernity, this place seems in no hurry to follow suit.

Although ‘hurry’ is not something you’d want to be doing either, if you lived here. Between the frenzied traffic and legendary markets, the surprisingly excellent food and the delightfully traditional locals, La Paz is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive cities in the world.

In La Paz, charismatic Spanish culture is intertwined with mysterious and mystical Native American traditions. Also, Catholicism coexists with faith in totems and witchcraft. Over the city, people can notice cable lines stretched for the world’s longest cable car called Teleferico (30 km). In turn, the highest flea market in the world offers the opportunity to buy unique trinkets.

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