The island’s small size limits the number of accessible swimming choices, but they are worthwhile thanks to their emerald-green waters. Hohlidia and Vardia are conveniently placed for visitors based in the wider Karavostasis area.

There are three main villages on the island: Karavostasi, Hora (Folegandros town) and Ano Meria. Hora’s quality may be seen at and around the squares, and along the small roads. It is no exaggeration to describe Hora as one of the most aesthetically picturesque, traditional villages of its kind. The view is said to be second only to that of Santorini. Despite being a ‘quiet island’ there actually are some music bars so if you need that thumping beat to make conversation you are in luck.

Karavostasi is the port of the island of Folegandros. The village has some shops and restaurants and a beautiful, certainly unpolluted beach. Today it hosts some of the best and brand new hotels.

On the north-western edge of the island, Ano Meria is an authentic island village, where the style of life is still mainly agricultural. When you visit this village, you instantly feel like time has stood still. It is like you have taken an immediate journey back in time. The architectural peculiarity of the village, the preservation of ancient traditions by its inhabitants, and the simplicity of their lifestyles make Ano Meria one of the most authentic villages in the Cyclades.

The cuisine in Folegandros includes handmade pasta (matsata, often served with rooster), snails (karavoli), orange pies and almond-based sweets (amygdalota).