Slovenia is a country with a long-standing culture with many ancient architectural works, harmoniously combined with beautiful natural landscapes. The village of Bled on the mountainside in the late autumn fog in Southern Europe looms over the church spire and the castle shadow on the hill, the clear blue stream winding around making the landscape as in a painting, unreal.

The highlight of the beautiful town is the 145-hectare Lake Bled, like a green jewel located in the Julian Alps. This naturally sweet lake originates from an ice age glacial lake created by the rise and fall of the earth’s crust. Due to the local geography, the water in Lake Bled has a special blue color.

If tourists choose Bled as their destination, in addition to taking a canoe to the island, they can also ride a horse-drawn carriage around the lake, or simply walk and capture every magical moment here.

In winter, Bled turns into a cold wonderland when the water completely freezes from February to March. At that time, the snow covered the tree branches, and people and tourists could walk on the lake. In the middle of the lake is an iconic church of the whole town.

Surrounding Lake Bled are green trees, and the road leading to the castle of the same name winds on the side of the mountain. Bled Castle was built in the 8th century, perched on a cliff 139 meters above the lake. Experiencing many times of restorations and repairs, from the 16th century until now, the castle’s architecture is almost intact, many times ranked as one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

Not far from Bled and nestled at the bottom of a ravine where the mighty Radovna River flows, the picturesque tiny village of Vintgar claim to fame is the magical Vintgar Gorge. It is definitely a must-see tourist attraction if you are visiting Bled and is easily reached by car, bike, or on foot.