Cesky Krumlov is one of the oldest towns in Europe, in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Cesky Krumlov is considered one of the oldest villages, bringing the most features about the culture and history of the Czech Republic. The town has a diverse architecture of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic schools.

The whole old town of Český Krumlov undulates with orange-red tiled roofs, including moss-covered houses. The Vltava River winds through the village. In the distance are rolling hills covered with green grass, stretching endlessly. In front of the houses, there are a few small and beautiful flower pots. Everything in this place has a warm color such as yellow, orange, red, pink or brown, and beige.

Summer here is perfect for strolling, gazing at cobblestone streets, cozy cafes, and a castle overlooking the city. When winter comes, the ancient buildings are covered with snow, adding a tranquil look to the town. Because of its enchanting beauty, when winter comes, Český Krumlov becomes one of the most beautiful winter towns in Europe.

The most unique feature of Ceský Krumlov is the monumental Český Krumlov castle located on a mountain beside the Vltava River, built by the Wittigo family in the mid-13th century. The total area of the grounds of Ceský Krumlov castle is more than 7 hectares. It consists of up to 40 buildings located around five large courtyards.

In addition to many places marked with history, the ancient village of Český Krumlov is also considered a paradise for art lovers. From impressive architecture to murals in churches, museums, and diverse religious beliefs, Český Krumlov will make visitors quickly forget they are living in the bustling 21st century.

In the Czech Republic, there is a traditional cake called Trdelnik. This is a cake shaped like a cone, made from crispy flour toasted on a pillar, covered with a layer of sugar, and cinnamon powder, then filled with fresh cream or cold cream.

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