Bruges is a city of beautiful architecture. As one of the four most famous river cities in Europe, next to Venice, Amsterdam, and Stockholm, Bruges leaves a very special impression. Medieval Gothic buildings and cobblestone streets give Bruges a charm. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Bruges is a municipality on the water. Tiny, curved canals surround the city. At any corner of Bruges, you can also see the image of quiet old houses silhouetted on the fresh water. Therefore, the most popular way to travel to Bruges is by boat. Alternatively, riding in a carriage is another option to explore Bruges. Small paved streets take visitors around the city square and over beautiful small wooden bridges over mossy green canals.

Bruges is a city of museums and galleries. The most famous are the Groeninge Museum of Flemish Art, the Gruuhuse Museum which was once a palace, the Frietmuseum, and the sweet Choco-Story Museum.

Belgium is famous for its beer and chocolate, and Bruges is no exception. Coming to Bruges, visitors cannot ignore the chocolate museum “Choco-Story” at the intersection of Wijnzakstraat and Sint-Jansstraat to enjoy and buy as gifts wonderful delicious chocolates with colorful and funny shapes.

Hoe Garden and Kriek are two beers that you should try. Hoe Garden is a very light, very aromatic white beer that you can comfortably drink to quench your thirst without getting drunk, while Kriek is a beer with a sweet taste and aroma of cherry. And moules frites are Belgian specialties that you must try when you come to this beautiful city.

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