Alesund is the gateway to fjords surrounded by high mountains. Now, coming to the city of Alesund, visitors will see with their own eyes a beautiful port city with a completely new look and captivating architecture.

Ålesund is the main center of Art Nouveau in Scandinavia. The architects who designed the houses were young Norwegians, and they were influenced by both national romantic ideas as well as popular architectural styles of the period. The buildings are decorated with imaginative and colorful towers, turrets, and decorations.

Located on seven islands, Alesund is full of charm with mountains and perfect nature. Norway is famous for its fjords and one of them is Geiranger, in Alesund. Geiranger Fjord was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. Geiranger Bay is surrounded by forests on almost vertical slopes.

The nearby Giske Islands are the perfect place to get another perspective of Ålesund and its wonderful natural setting. The 500m high Storhornet peak looks majestic from the town but is not difficult to climb. May to September is the kayaking season in the waters in and around Ålesund. With so much water around, kayaks are a great option to get a different perspective of the town.

In addition, the neighboring island of Runde is attractive with more than 500,000 species of birds coming here to nest. Here, fishing is an important economic industry, but also an interesting activity for tourists.

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