Ischia has an extremely pleasant microclimate. Here, the sun shines quite often, which is the ideal weather condition for the tourism industry.

The reason why Ischia is famous all over the world today is largely because it has an abundant source of hot water containing special minerals, which are very beneficial to human health. Sant’Angelo is the site of the hot tubs. Maronti Beach is where the hot waters create the phenomenon of geyser vents that release steam. Sorgeto Bay is a rocky beach where hot water flows into the sea, where thermal pools turn into natural swimming pools created by mother nature.

Ischia has picturesque fishing villages. Sant’Angelo is characterized by Moorish houses, a small marina, and the famous Torre di Sant’Angelo headland. Aragonese Castle has a history dating back to Roman times and is very well preserved. It is the site of important theatrical events and is one of the venues of the Ischia Film Festival. The castle has also been the location of several Italian and international films. At the top of the castle is a very nice bar with spectacular views of the islands of Vivara and Procida. Soccorso Church on the west side of the island is one of the best places to watch the sunset. The town of Forio has great nightlife with restaurants, discos, bars, and live music pubs.

Of course, Ischia, an Italian island, is also a great place for a culinary experience. Fresh seafood is an advantage that nature bestows on the island. In addition, traditional specialties such as coniglio all’Ischitana or spaghetti also bring a unique feature to the cuisine here.

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