Reine is a small Norwegian fishing village, known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The village features many red and white fisherman’s cabins scattered on the coast, this unique natural landscape.

The Reine fishing village is hidden in the forest, bringing peace and romance to majestic and poetic natural scenery. The scenery here is like a gift from mother nature, just sitting on a rock, you can see the image of a majestic mountain range, a green river bank in silence, and a pristine forest full of secrets hidden.

In summer, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy long days with the midnight sun and short days in winter with spectacular weather. The village of Reine is nestled at the foot of Mount Reinebrigen. Mount Reinebrigen is only about 450 meters high but is very steep and slippery, so visitors who intend to climb this mountain must be equipped with protective gear. When climbing up to Lofoten Wall in the mountains, you can see the best features of the fishing village. Horseid and Bunes are the two most beautiful beaches of the fishing village of Reine. Here are white sandy beaches surrounded by towering granite mountains, giving you the freedom to take pictures to save your memories.

Reine Village is one of the top kayaking sites in the area. For a sense of peace, explore the inner waters of Reinebrigen as the views are delightful. Enjoying a full day of kayaking on the river is an adventure that goes from Reine to the village of Arnes. Choosing a guide or renting a kayak is the best option for visitors to Reine.

There are several places to stay in Reine, including hotels, motels, and cabins. There are also several restaurants in Reine, serving traditional Norwegian dishes as well as international cuisine.

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