Beppu is a city and spa resort on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Set between Beppu Bay and volcanic mountains, it’s home to more than 2,000 onsens (hot springs).

Beppu is known as the “City of Hot Springs” and has more than any other city in Japan. The hot springs have different colors, smells, and temperatures, and are said to have different health benefits. Jigokudani is home to eight different hot spring ponds, each with its own unique color and temperature. Shiraike Hot Spring Park is a beautiful park with a variety of hot spring pools, waterfalls, and gardens. Kairo no Yu is a cave hot spring with a natural rock formation that resembles a corridor of light. Umi Jigoku is a hot spring pond with a milky blue color. It is said to be good for treating skin diseases.

This area also has beautiful natural scenery. Beppu is located in a scenic area with mountains, forests, and the sea. There are many hiking trails, waterfalls, and natural hot spring pools to explore. Mount Tsurumi offers stunning views of Beppu Bay and the surrounding area. There is a cable car that takes visitors to the top of the mountain.

Besides nature, Beppu has a rich history and culture. Beppu has a long history dating back to the 7th century. There are many historical temples and shrines to visit, as well as traditional festivals and events. Tanabata Matsuri is held on the first weekend of August. The festival in Beppu is a colorful and festive event. There are traditional Japanese dances, music, and food. The main attraction of the festival is the giant carp streamers (tanzaku) that are hung from the trees.

Beppu food is known for its fresh seafood, locally-grown produce, and unique dishes cooked in hot spring water. This is called jigoku mushi (地獄蒸し), which literally means “hell-steamed”. The hot springs in Beppu are known for their high temperatures and mineral content, which give the food a unique flavor and texture.