Bangkok looks as modern as any major city in the world, but there are also many temples that date back centuries. Local people still maintain ancient traditions such as worshiping gods and Buddhas. The cultural wealth is reflected in the city’s architecture, sky-highly complex buildings mixed with ancient idols and magnificent royal palaces. Visitors can try to learn about the continuous customs here.

Bangkok is a culinary paradise. The city has more than 320,000 restaurants and about 30 of these are Michelin-starred. You can find all the dishes you want, from Chinese and Indian cuisine to European, American or local specialties and royal cuisine.

Bangkok is also world famous for its endless parties. The city has everything a tourist could want for a night out: night markets, massage shops, bars or high-end nightclubs. Some of the most famous nightlife areas include Khao San Road, Royal City Avenue and Nana Plaza. These places are always cramped when the neon signs are lit up.

One of the main attractions of Bangkok is also the price. Bangkok is a big but affordable city. This place is also a magnet for budget travelers, as they can find everything to suit their budget.

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