When it comes to French tourism, visitors often think of the image of the Eiffel Tower or the romantic castles and streets. However, France also has a unique feature that attracts other visitors, which is the lavender fields in the suburbs of France. This place is known as the place with the most beautiful, romantic and dreamy flower fields in the world. Visiting the lavender field in Provence, France, visitors not only enjoy the beauty of this beautiful purple flower but also enjoy the fresh, peaceful and peaceful atmosphere of this place.

It is the beauty and cool climate that have turned the lavender fields of Valensole into a place that attracts domestic as well as international tourists. Lavender blooms in full bloom at the end of June and is harvested in the third week of July. Therefore, the best time to visit this place is from July 1-20 every year. There are more than 2000 farmers who have planted this flower field, they are like artisans who turn the flower field into a masterpiece of art that makes people impressed.

Valensole Plateau is not only a place for visitors to take romantic check-in photos, but it also gives visitors many other interesting experiences such as visiting the peaceful and ancient village of Valensole – one of the three areas The area that grows the most lavender in the region, buy gifts made from lavender for friends and family or visit the perfume factory of the famous Occitane en provence.

In addition, the village of Valensole is also a place worth exploring the beauty of the French suburbs. Beside The Village of Valensole is Start by walking into Place Thiers, a beautiful little square at the bottom of the town. In the center of the square, there’s a charming stone fountain next to a boulangerie. You can buy fresh croissants here before your walk. Above the boulangerie, you’ll see an ancient sundial which is over a century old!

Stop here for a minute to absorb the atmosphere of the village, have a chat with the locals, and enjoy the sight of the old stone houses and traditional shutters.