Cinque Terre is likened to the colorful land of Italy, where colorful houses are located precariously on the mountainside. The place inherits the beautiful scenery of nature, in front is the Mediterranean coast and behind is the majestic and rolling mountains.

In the small alleys, you will encounter images of local Italian life with flower-filled balconies, fluttering clotheslines, and cats playing on the doorstep.

The climate of the Cinque Terre is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean Sea with cool summers and mild winters. In the months of May, and September, the weather is relatively pleasant and sunny, which is very suitable for outdoor climbing and trekking activities. From June to August is also the time when the temperature starts to warm up and crowded with tourists.

The Cinque Terre region mainly has seafood pastas such as mussels, clams, lobsters, etc. Seafood in this region has very delicious grilled dishes, especially when fresh seafood is prepared as simply as possible. Typical Italian pizza always has Buffalo Cheese (mozzarella di buffala) and tomatoes with basil leaves called pizza Margherita. Wine is also a feature to try when coming to this region because this is a traditional wine made from indigenous grapes that is not available everywhere. Sciaccherta fruit wine is quite famous in Cinque Terre is a fruit wine for dessert, you should try it when you come here.