Located in the northern Atacama Desert, which is considered to have the driest climate on Earth, the village of Huacachina, or more precisely, an oasis in the middle of the desert, inhabited by only about 100 people, is blessed with a magical landscape.

According to ancient legend, Huacay China, a beautiful girl in the area, was bathing in the lake when a young hunter discovered it. Huacay ran away when she saw a stranger in the mirror. The broken mirror turned into a lagoon, and the long skirt fluttered, leaving behind, turning into giant sand dunes surrounding it. The girl immediately dived into the deep water to hide from the stranger. People say that Huacay is still living in the Huacachina oasis and has turned into a mermaid. In fact, the lake El Cascajo in this oasis formed from the underground water of the desert.

Today, visitors to Huacachina can paddle on the lake in the middle of the oasis, ride an all-terrain vehicle to explore the surrounding sand dunes, play sandboarding, or watch the brilliant sunset from the desert. If you want to rest, you can rent a room in the village or camp in the adventure discovery areas.

The oasis has a small area but it has all the services and amenities of a luxury resort with an artificial swimming pool, restaurants, hotels and even a beautiful little library. You can also rent a water bike to enjoy the cool desert breezes from the green lagoon.

In addition, the paths lined with coconut palm trees along the green lagoon in the middle of the village are where visitors can save the best photo angles.