Eastern Hokkaido is amazingly gorgeous with its breathtaking flower parks and gardens in spring. It does not only offer you to see stunning cherry blossoms but also other flowers such as tulips and shibazakura (moss phlox).

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park is a flower park in Higashi-mokoto district located about 25 km south of central Abashiri. Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park is the most valued flower kingdom, which you must visit in the area in spring.

Higashimokoto is one of the most impressive spots in Japan. Every year from early May to mid-June, this flower hill is covered with a carpet of Moss Phlox flowers (commonly known as shibazakura). Some of these flowers have a different number of petals, and these are thought to bring good luck to those who find them, rather like superstitions about four-leaf clovers.

Higashimokoto Park was established in 1956, at that time there was only one box of shibazakura seeds, but then the number of flowers increased with each year of planting. Today, shibazakura flowers grow throughout the hills hundreds of thousands of square meters creating beautiful giant flower beds.

The winding road from the foot to the top of the hill is densely covered with beautiful flower beds, colorful, leading visitors to the top of the hill, giving them the feeling of being lost in a fairyland.

After making the rounds of the park, visitors can enjoy go-cart racing on a track bounded by these pink flowers, dropping lines in the fishing pond for big rainbow trout, and gazing at the moss phlox on the hill while dipping their toes in the footbaths in the hot spring area.

The cafeteria and gift shop offer foods made with locally produced vegetables and dairy products, the most popular of which is pink shibazakura ice cream made with fresh milk from local dairies.

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