The Chinese have a lot of beautiful words to talk about the beauty of the famous tourist land of Suzhou such as: “Above is heaven, below is Suhang.” It can be said that Suzhou in particular and Jiangnan in general are always the dream destination of many enthusiasts.

Suzhou is a city of canals. Suzhou is famous as a city of interlaced canals with the name “Pingjiang Tu” – in the Song Dynasty. There are about 7 channels in the south-north direction and 14 in the east-west direction. Along this system of canals are thousands of arch bridges reflecting in shimmering water.

If you take a walk along the canal, you will see so many stone bridges that you can’t count how many bridges there are and can’t even remember their names. Especially at night, the two sides of the canal are decorated with bright lanterns shining down on the canal surface, creating a beautiful and magical scene like in a historical movie.

The Old Quarter in Suzhou is like other old streets of China and has a strange poetic beauty. The quiet streets and old-style-roofs contain a story about peerless beauties. Not only is it the most famous scenic spot, but Suzhou is also the birthplace of many beauties in Chinese history. Legend has it that the girls were born and raised in a fairyland, where the quintessence of heaven and earth converge, so they have such beautiful beauty.

In addition to the ancient monuments, Suzhou is also a well-planned city with many works worth seeing such as Zhuo zheng yuan, Wuxi Film Studio, Suzhou Museum, Silk Museum, Shantang Walking Street, etc.

In addition, when coming to China’s Suzhou wonderland, you can also enjoy a rich cuisine with countless delicious dishes with the sweet taste of life such as Suzhou mooncakes, traditional fried fish dishes, steamed fish from Taihu lake, Wansan stewed pork leg, steamed dough-wrapped meatballs, braised pork, etc.

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