Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful alpine lake located in Taiwan’s Yuchi Township, Nantou County. Surrounding the lake are mountains, streams and forest trees. The lake is vast and calm, providing a perfect reflection of the changing looks of Sun Moon Lake each season.

In spring, the large lake covered with the white and pink color of cherry blossoms will make you feel like you are lost in the land of the rising sun. In autumn, the lake will be dyed brilliant red and yellow from the red-leaved trees along the lake. Sun Moon Lake at night has fanciful shimmering lights combined with ancient architecture on both sides, which will give you the feeling that you are lost in some wonderland.

Lalu Island is a land in the middle of the lake with a statue of the white deer god. Previously, this was the settlement of an ethnic group. According to legend, in the past, when people were hunting wild animals, they discovered a white deer among a herd of yellow deer. Then the deer ran away and the hunters chased them and discovered the strange land. That place is Sun Moon Lake.

Walking around the lake is a fun activity. Lalu Island, Tzu-En Tower, and Wen Wu Temple are landmarks with many architectural and historical values around the lake. If you are too tired of walking, you can try renting a bike to cycle around the lake. The bike path of the lake is considered to be very beautiful and worth the experience for visitors. In addition, you can choose to stroll around the lake by boat at the pier. There are three piers where boats dock and you can board: Shueishe, Itashao, and Syuanguang. There are 5 different fleets, which operate with different time frames and also change depending on the season.

If you want to try to see Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake in a more interesting way, choose the cable car. This is an experience that gives you a panoramic view from above, capturing the eyes of the works below, the turquoise water, and the looming trees. Especially the feeling of floating in the air always gives you memorable emotions.


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