Hallstatt is a small, peaceful village located in the north of Austria. Surrounded by the Hungarian Alps, Hallstatt has one side facing the mountain and one facing directly to the lake Hallstatter See, there are many beautiful words for this place such as fairy village, the most beautiful lake town in the world, etc. with a peaceful and poetic beauty that any visitor must be fascinated when arriving.

Any visitor who comes here will have a very strong impression. It is a beautiful natural scene like a watercolor painting with churches, wooden houses with ancient architecture, and small slopes, all creating an absolutely peaceful poetic town.

Hallstatt is beautiful all year round, each season this town puts on a charming beauty. Hallstatt in summer is a paradise of extreme sports such as cycling, climbing, hiking, or camping. The white layers of snow in winter on every house here create a beautiful scene like in a fairy tale. Winter is the season of food festivals and skiing. Christmas musicals are also one of the interesting things about Hallstatt. More interestingly, visitors from all over the world can rent a boat to see Hallstatter Lake and admire the wonders of ice hanging in the nearby limestone caves.

As an extremely famous place in Austria, located between the two cities of Salzburg (home of the musical genius Mozart) and Graz, Hallstatt is one of the towns with the oldest history in Europe. Hallstatt is also home to ancient salt mines dating back more than 7,000 years. In 1997, Hallstatt was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site to be preserved.

The traditional dishes of the people of Hallstatt are beefsteak and salmon, enjoyed with wine and served with salad. In town, there are famous restaurants with an extensive menu that changed with the seasons and is always a red address for food lovers.

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