The island of Zakynthos is also known as the Flower of the East– “il fiore di Levante” because the Venetians named this Greek island. Due to its geographical location near an important sea route, in the past, the island was continuously occupied by many armies. The island still has a lot of monuments and architecture bearing the mark of Venice.

The features that make this island a famous attraction are the blue beaches with white sand stretches and majestic cliffs like standing in front of the sea. The most famous destination that makes Zakynthos the most attractive is Navagio Beach. To get to this beautiful shipwreck, visitors must purchase a boat tour from Porto Vromi Bay. The road to Navagio sees many different sights, but it seems that nowhere on the journey is as beautiful as the destination at hand. Navagio is so beautiful that people give it the title “the most beautiful white sandy beach in Greece”. In 2018, Navagio also ranked first in the list of voted “Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world”.

A feature of this shipwreck beach is the white pebbles, white pebbles are so abundant that people call the sea a sea of pebbles. From a distance, it seems that white is the color of sand, but it is actually the white color of pebbles of all sizes.

Zakynthos Island also owns many beautiful caves forming natural domes facing the sea, blending with the color of the blue sea to create a wonderful natural beauty that cannot be described.

Before visiting the beautiful Navagio Sea, visitors can stop for a few days in the town of Zakynthos. From this town, you can visit Xigia beach, where there are underground springs containing a lot of sulfur, extremely good for health. You can wander around town, drive in the woods, through olive groves.

Small streets, square houses with European-style homogenous architecture with white walls and red roofs, are lined up side by side, spreading from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill, facing the sea. The town lies quietly leaning on the vast beach, showing peace and tranquility in front of nature, a scene that makes people come to be stunned and do not want to leave.