Hobbiton is located on the North Island of New Zealand. This was originally a 1,250-acre sheep farm near the town of Matamata. The latter was used as the setting for two films by New Zealand director Peter Jackson, adapted from the novels of British writer J.R.R Tolkien.

Hobbit Village is also one of the most attractive tourist attractions in New Zealand. Around is the smooth green grass stretching as far as the eye can see and the fat white sheep silly grazing. The summer air here is quite cool. It feels like entering a fairy tale world away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

This famous Hobbiton village in New Zealand was built like a real village. This is where people live every day. Along the slopes of the hills, 44 houses were built like small caves. The houses here often have different shapes, sizes, and colors, which are both unique features of each project and make the village more funny and eye-catching.

The main attraction of the village is Bilbo Baggin’s Bag End home from The Lord of the Rings. The house is located in a prime location, overlooking the valley below, but visitors will not be able to enter the house but only take pictures outside.

The Green Dragon Inn is an exception, the bar – a gathering place for Hobbit villagers – is open to visitors. Here, you will enjoy free drinks including traditional beer, cider, or non-alcoholic ginger ale. All are handcrafted and exclusive in Hobbiton.

The land of the dwarves at night is just as poetic as the day. The soft light from the houses and the reflection of the Milky Way on the water make the fairyland even more enchanting and captivating.

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