The village of Alberobello has long been famous for its overlapping limestone houses, also known as Trullo – a unique architectural style of the people of southern Italy.

Strange and interesting looking, Trullo was built using a prehistoric technique in which stones were laid on top of each other and no mortar was used. Alberobello village has about 1,500 beautiful Trullo houses with 11,000 inhabitants. This Trullo architecture is designed to suit the climate here, the inside of the house will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The interior of Trullo-style houses is quite simple, usually composed of fireplace niches, beds, and a few different pieces of furniture.

Today, the Trullo is effectively used to develop tourism. Many Trullo became motels and hotels with full furniture and amenities inside. Some other Trullo is built into bars, pubs, and eateries, serving the needs of tourists.

Only a town of 11,000 people, Alberobello has more than 3 museums in addition to the main Territorio – which displays everything related to town life. The Olive oil museum, wine museum, and handicraft museum are all hidden in old houses.

Visitors can travel to Alberobello all year round because of the mild Mediterranean climate. Life here is not too busy, but still retains the peace of the countryside with ancient architecture, making visitors fascinated, compared to a vivid and strange fairy picture in Europe.