The Vietnam Records Organization has formally proposed to the World Records Institute (WorldMark) and the USA Records Organization (USKings) beginning the Journey to nominate TOP 100 best-selling OCOP-certified items in Vietnam 2023 with the purpose of enhancing the image of the nation and the Vietnamese people not only through record values but also through other distinctive qualities. Due to this journey, foreign buyers will have comprehensive and close access to Vietnam’s distinctive values.

Name of the product: An Xuan Solanum Procumbens’ Condensed Extract

Name of the business: An Xuan Organic Herb CO., LTD.

Address: No. 144, 2/4 Street, Cam Lo Town, Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province

Contact information: (+84) 913 824 991



Fanpage: Cà gai leo An Xuân- Sản phẩm tự nhiên cho lá gan khỏe mạnh

Solanum Procumbens is a precious herb that has been used and handed down for a long time in folklore with its leading use in detoxifying alcohol, detoxifying, cooling the liver, and supporting liver diseases.

With the desire to bring clean and quality products, An Xuan Organic Medicine Co., Ltd. has built a specialized farming solanum procumbent area on the rural hills in Quang Tri, applying technology and practicing cultivation and harvesting in the direction of pharmaceuticals to meet GACP standards. The stages of management and control of soil, irrigation water, and fertilizer are completely by using biological and organic products.

Fresh materials are collected, cleaned, and extracted by the company on the same day, so the quality is completely guaranteed. The solanum procumbens extract system follows a modern technological process. The condensed extract product is 100% pure, carefully filtered impurities, not mixed with any other herbs.

The journey to nominate and promote the TOP-BEST best-selling OCOP-certified products in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam is one of the projects implemented under the strategic alliance between the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings), the USA Records Organization (USKings) and the World Records Institute (WorldMark), with the goal of propagating and promoting the record values of countries worldwide.