The Cocora Valley (Spanish: Valle de Cocora) is a valley in the Quindío province of Colombia. Valle de Cocora is located in the Central Cordillera of the Andean mountains.

The Quindío wax palm is one of the important symbols of Colombia. And the palm-growing mountains – Cocora valley is one of 12 tourist destinations in Colombia with the most of this tree species.

Cocora Palm Valley is located at the entrance of Los Nevados National Park. This place not only has an extremely large area, up to 60,000 square kilometers but is also located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level.

The wax on the body of the tree is often used to make soaps and candles. Collecting and processing palm wax was one of the major economic contributors to the Colombian economy until electric lights appeared and spread. Currently, in the wax palm growing areas of Colombia, wax is only used for lighting systems for poor farmers. The palm fruit is used as fodder for livestock.

Most of the valley is covered in misty clouds. But the scene is not so gloomy because the palm trees are rising, as if piercing through the clouds, creating a surreal scene no different from the images only in fairy tales. The tallest palm tree in Valle de Cocora can reach 80m. Adding to this scene is the lush green that lies just below the rows of wax palms. It looks like the famous foothills are being covered with giant silky green carpets that cool off an entire land.

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