The Shirogane Blue Pond gets its name from its surreal blue waters. Depending on the weather and the season it can change from a milky light blue to a deep green turquoise.

The pond was created artificially, and it’s rather new. It is one of several ponds that were the by-product of creating a dam at the Biei River. The dam was built to stop the volcanic mud from erupting from Mt. Tokachi reaching the town of Biei in 1988. However, the Shirogane Blue Pond is the only one of these ponds that displays this beautiful blue color.

The pond gets its water from the nearby Shirahige Falls. Within the waterfall, the water mixes with aluminum from the cliff it flows through. Once the aluminum-infused water settles in the pond, it reflects and scatters the sunlight in a unique way, resulting in a vivid blue hue.

The color is not the only unique aspect of the pond. It houses dead trees that are no longer baring any leaves in its middle, which add to the enchanting and eerie appearance.

These trees are Japanese larch and silver birch trees that grow all around the pond as well. The ones in the pond became partly submerged when the area flooded. Their withered appearance offers a sight that could be straight out of a dark fantasy movie.

The most mystical scenery can be enjoyed on a clear early morning when there is no wind. In addition, in winter, the snow-clad lake is covered in magical illumination at nighttime. This contrasts with the very different scenery from the daytime and summertime.

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