Dettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland and is reputed to be one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. Dettifoss is situated on the Jökulsá á Fjöllum River, which flows from the Vatnajökull glacier and collects water from a large area in Northeast Iceland.

The falls are 100 meters wide and have a drop of 44 meters down to the canyon Jökulsárgljúfur. Dettifoss has an average water flow of 193 m³/s. The superlative of “most powerful” comes from its water flow times and its fall distance.

Sediment-rich flows give the water a grayish-white color. The water from the Jökulsá à Fjöllum River is always cloudy and full of sediment, unlike the white rapids of the falls. During the flood season, the water in the river and the Dettifoss waterfall turns black with sediment and mud.

The waterfalls can be reached from either side of the Jokulsa River, however, tourists need to be very careful when walking on the slippery and rough terrain here. On the west bank, the equipment was empty and the view was obscured by the mist. On the east bank, there is an information board maintained by the staff at Vatnajökull National Park, and this also has the best views.

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