Takachiho Gorge is not only a great destination for locals but also for many tourists visiting Japan. Takachiho Gorge was formed when Mount Aso erupted 120,000 years ago. It was the water from the Gokase-gawa River that cooled these lava flows and that is how Takachiho Gorge was created. The nearly steep cliffs along the gorge are made up of volcanic basalt columns resembling the scales of a dragon where the melting rock flows and twists as it forms.

This gorge has steep cliffs on either side of the river that are 80m to 100m high and the scenery extends to 7km. Visitors will admire the majestic Manai waterfall flowing from above, creating an extremely mysterious natural landscape.

Legend has it that the sun goddess hid in a cave in Takachiho after a war with her brother, the god of the sea, plunged the world into darkness. Other gods gathered outside the cave to party and dance to help the Sun goddess forget her sadness. That bustle helped bring the Sun god out of the cave. Thanks to that, the whole world has returned to a normal life under the warm rays of the Sun.

In the Miyazaki forest, the Gokase River flows through a gorge composed of volcanic basalt columns, where the 17-meter-high Minainotaki waterfall falls, leaving visitors canoeing on the river in awe.

Along Takachiho Gorge is a walking trail with a length of more than 600m. In spring and summer, both sides of the canyon are lined with purple pea flowers. In autumn, when the trees change their color to yellow, it creates a scene that is both magical and romantic.

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