Is Arutas is a beautiful, 480 meters long beach with pristine, clear waters. On each side of the beach, there are beautiful rock formations you can easily climb for panoramic views. The most adventurous ones actually use them as a jumping spot.

Is Arutas

Water at Is Arutas is almost immediately deep, and the combination of incredible transparency and a rocky seabed makes it an excellent place for snorkeling.

Part of the Protected Marine Area of the Sinis Peninsula, the main characteristic of Is Arutas beach is the sand, which is actually made of tiny white and pinkish quartz pebbles which resemble little grains of rice and are fun and soft to walk on – and they glow in the sun.

The seabed consists of colorful quartz grains which are the result of long chemical evolution and atmospheric processing. This corner of Sardinia is unique and wild. It provides basic services, but it is a destination far from mass tourism. All these aspects make the beach of Is Arutas even more fascinating.

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