Hraunfossar (‘Lava Falls’ in English) in Borgarfjörður district is a series of beautiful waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming out of the Hallmundarhraun lava field. It is located in West Iceland near another waterfall called Barnafoss.

Hraunfossar was formed from the lava field of a volcanic eruption located in the nearby Langjökull glacier. When the waterfalls fall into the Hvita River from the cliffs it flows into the sea.

Because the Hraunfossar waterfall area was once the site of volcanic eruptions, so there are also mysterious caves waiting for visitors to explore. The longest cave discovered near the waterfall is Víðgelmir. This cave has a length of 1595 meters and a height of 15.8 meters containing many unsolved mysteries.

Hraunfossar Waterfall has a history of thousands of years old, but the attraction here next to the waterfall is the lava fields that used to be the residence of robbers according to the people there, it was folklore and bandits are trolls used to protect this land.

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