Dubbed the “mirror lake” because of the clear water like a giant mirror, along with the scene so quiet that when looking from afar, it is difficult to see where the pine forest-covered mountains end and the lake. where to start. Unspoiled mountain meadows dotted with wildflowers and interwoven forests.

The lake water originates mainly from the Black Lake, so the water in the lake is divided into two distinct parts as there is an underground covenant represented by the dividing line in the middle of the lake. Half of the lake near the shore is transparent like glass, can clearly see each pebble on the bottom of the lake. The other half of the lake has a mysterious dark blue color.

In addition, this place also has diverse and rich vegetation. The lake area in Bohinj is also the habitat of many types of fish such as salmon, river cod, Squalius cephalus, Phoxinus phoxinus, various molluscs, as well as many species of algae, etc.

For hundreds of years, the shepherd villages and people living around the frozen Bohinj Lake were isolated from the rest of Slovenia by roads and rugged terrain. It is also because of the geographical difference that in Slovenia, people often have a funny saying that, “Bohinj is one or two days behind the world”.

Because Bohinj is located among shuttered mountains with an altitude of 1,600m to 2,000m, it is considered an ideal place for camping and participating in outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, climbing, cycling, horseback riding, golf, etc.

This place has attracted many artists who love beauty, from photography lovers to capturing many natural moments. Famous detective writers like Agatha Christine have had the opportunity to come to this area for inspiration to complete her tragic novels. Christie is not the only writer captivated by Bohinj’s beauty. Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre has also visited the beautiful Ukanc village of Lake Bohinj many times.

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