Chichibugahama Beach, located in Mitoyo in western Kagawa Prefecture, is a picturesque spot that became popular via photos on social media starting around 2016. The evening sky here was ranked as number one “Best Sunset Spots to Visit” in 2018 by a major Japanese travel magazine for its gorgeous scenery.

Once, a travel magazine called Chichibugahama Beach “Japan’s Uyuni Salt Lake”, compared to the world’s largest salt flat, the famous Salar de Uyuni located in Bolivia, where the sky is reflected in a giant mirror of water. Japan’s national television stations also began reporting on Chichibugahama, making it a must-visit destination on Shikoku Island.

The mystical appearance of this beach is due to the tide pools created during the low tide. On days when there is little wind, the tide pool waters are like mirrors, beautifully reflecting the sky.

Rocks usually create tide pools, but the tide pools at Chichibugahama are made from sand, which is another factor that leads to this fantastic view.

An ideal time of day for taking photos is 30 minutes before or after the sunset. The low tides will be during this time, creating the ideal opportunity to capture the beach in all its beauty.