This gorge has a length of 15km, formed on the Jinsha River, a tributary of the Yangtze River. Leaping Tiger Gorge is located in an area where the river flows through massifs such as Yulong Snow Mountain in the east and Haba Snow Mountain in the west through a series of rapids under steep 2,000m-high cliffs.

This gorge was officially opened in 1993 to foreign tourists and is now one of the most popular adventure destinations in Yunnan. The depth from the top of the mountain to the river of Tiger Khieu Hiep is 3,790m. It can be said that with this depth, Tiger Leaping Gorge is currently one of the deepest and most spectacular canyons in the world.

The name Leaping Tiger Gorge comes from an old story. A hunter was chasing a tiger through a canyon many years ago. When it reached the narrowest point, the tiger jumped over the Jinsha River, escaping the ferocious hunter. The rock where the tiger made its jump is now an iconic lookout, and the gorge is named after the tiger.

The famous scenic areas of the upper canyon are the mouth of the canyon and the rocky slope area. The Mantianxing and Yixiantian areas are famous spots in the middle canyon. In the lower gorge, you can enjoy the scenery around the Daju region. Standing from the alley looking down, you can see the steep cliffs, the deep abyss, and the swirling water with white foam, extremely majestic.

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