Oeschinen Lake has a surface area of 1.1147 square kilometers. Its maximum depth is 56 meters. The lake was created by a giant landslide and is fed through a series of mountain creeks and drains underground. The water then resurfaces as the Oeschibach. Part of it is captured for electricity production and as a water supply for Kandersteg.

The beautiful color of the 56-meter-deep Lake Oeschinen varies between blue, green, and turquoise. You can breathe the freshest air into your lungs up in the mountain around the lake. Your photos in the area will be sometimes too picturesque to be believable.

Tourists can enjoy the panoramic, unforgettable views of the lake both in winter and summer. During summers, the water in the lake warms up to 20 degrees Celsius. However, as you may expect, the water is chilly in winter and the entire lake naturally freezes over for some months during the year.

The rich mountain flora with orchids, gentian, and edelweiss, the herds of sheep and cows grazing on the Alps, and the wild animals on the mountain slopes attract nature lovers to the lake at the entrance to the Unesco World Heritage Site. In the winter, ice fishing or tobogganing are popular attractions.

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