Ouzoud Falls is the collective name for several waterfalls that empty into the El-Abid River’s gorge. This popular tourist destination is located near the Middle Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt, in the province of Azilal.

Ouzoud is 110m tall in three sections and has a massive flow of water practically year-round from the river it gets its name from, making for a stunning show of sights and sounds. From a nearby, high vantage point, tourists can start their visit enjoying the view from above and see the lake the falls flow into and the red clay cliffs dotted with moss that surround it.

The walk up to the bottom of the falls is very pleasant, surrounded by thousands of olive trees that shade the path. At the top, there is a dozen of old small mills that are still in use. The surprise treats at the Ouzoud Falls are the friendly monkeys swinging around you on the trees. The monkeys of Ouzoud are wild; however, they love to play with visitors, especially if they bring treats. These wild animals are very comic around humans, so it is more than likely that they will immediately jump on and cling to the visitors’ arms or legs. Surrounding the area, there are several restaurants with a beautiful view of the Ouzoud Falls.

The Ouzoud Falls can be visited the whole year around. It’s much busier during summer; however, that’s the best time of the year to go if you want to swim in the pools at the bottom of the falls. There is much more water during the winter and usually a lot fewer visitors there.

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