What makes this beach so unique is the old shipwreck from 1983, acting as the centerpiece of this truly stunning paradise. Located in a spectacular secluded cove surrounded by towering golden cliffs, visitors can only reach the beach by boat.

However, swimming into the beach’s turquoise waters while taking in the breathtaking surroundings is undoubtedly a memory to cherish for life.

The beach, whose normal name is Ai-Giorgis, was formed by the landslides of the last 100 years. According to residents, the beach in 1900 was very small with black stones and then gradually became the first beach to the point where the shipwreck is today and then the current one.

The beach became famous after a naval accident during which the shipwreck of the merchant ship named “Panagiotis” was chased by the Greek authorities, as it had been suspected of smuggling alcohol and cigarettes into Zakynthos. The ship itself after crashing formed the beach and made the sand build up around it, creating that way this unreal blue shade of water.

The location was prominently featured in the hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, leading to a surge of interest among Chinese and Korean tourists.

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