La Cueva de los Verdes is a unique form of the landscape and volcanological characteristics of extraordinary value. Located in the north of the island, and integrated into the vast volcanic landscape of the Malpaís de la Corona, it is one of the wonders hidden in the bowels of Lanzarote, endowed with a mysterious and special mythological character.

The cave was created around 3,000 years ago by lava flows erupting from the nearby volcano Monte Corona, flowing across the Malpaís de la Corona toward the sea. As in all lava tubes, the top of a lava stream cooled and developed a solid crust, and the lava stream later drained away leaving the top crust as the roof of a cave. In about 20 spots, the roof of the cave collapsed, forming a cavern known locally as a jameo. The caves extend for 6 kilometers above sea level and for another 1.5 kilometers below the sea.

One jameo forms the entrance to the Cueva de los Verdes. Two kilometers of the cave system were developed for tourists in the 1960s, with the cave walls illuminated by colorful lights. The cave is also famous for its concert hall which is located near the entrance and exit of the cave. The concert hall has about 15 to 20 rows with 26 seats in each row, allowing up to 500 people in the concert hall at once.

According to legend, the inhabitants of Lanzarote used the cave to hide from pirates and slave traders here. It seems the native Guanches hid here from the Spanish invaders. Then again the locals hid during the 17th century when the islands were raided numerous times.

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